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Wilson's Duck Crossover?!?

Somehow, Tina Fey caught on to the fad. Hmm, must be a House fan:

Duckie Icons!

Title: Duck, duck, goose, Part 2 - When Wilson met Duckie
Pairing: Wilson/Amber, Wilson/Duckie.
Rating: PG-13 to R, discussion of basic psychosexual theory.
Warnings: Season 5 spoilers, Crack!Emo Wilson, mentions of an adult male having sexual feelings for stuffed ducks, purposely bad!fic, no mentions of sex, YET. Some might find it disturbing.
Summary:  This is from Wilson’s point of view.  A flashback to when he met Dr. Duckie.  Mentions of Wilson/Amber
How it all began...Collapse )


Breakfast WTF?

OK GUYS...This is really weird.  I went to open a new carton of eggs to make my breakfast omelet and I came across the following:

It looks SORT OF FAMILIAR, so I decided not to turn it into an omelet.

The graphic fic has a special guest.

Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, so please don't sue.
Part: 5.
Warning: Hm, some sex and stuff.
Other insignificant things: Honey?! I'M BACK! (be sure to comment, and you might just get more. ;))


the babysitting affiar

i am very happy of the positive response of my silly mspaint doodle! ^_^ i would replyied to you all, but i can't do that properly lol!
so now, as i am dnlding some music, i plotted this~

the scene is;
cuddylicious goes on a date, and leaves wilson, poor lonely wilson, to babysit
then, wilson see the duck
and he can't stop staring
rachel falls asleep, and the duck moves in on him!
s/he steals cuddy's lingere and seduces him
then, after great smexing [LOLLLLL], cuddy finds them
wilson gonna get f~ired~

i love how crazy you all are about this, i love it, so i must produce more wuckie love with you <3

Fun with MSPAINT

It's unclear how this happened - all I know is that Dr. Duckie wanted an uglier tie than Wilson, but he failed. BUT, is this really Dr. Duckie? Is it their love child? I think Wilson and Duckie are like an old couple (you know, people start looking like their partner)?


(I'll stop spamming the group now)

ETA: How do ducks reproduce?
Birds have an opening called a cloaca that acts for both reproduction and excretion. They put their cloacas together in what is called a "cloacal kiss" and the male passes his sperm to the female this way to fetilize her eggs. Some birds such as waterfowl (ducks, swans, etc) and ostriches actually do have a penis that is internal when not in use.

Ergo: Wilson needs to engage in a cloacal kiss.

T-shirt (fanfic prompt?)

I googled "people who love ducks" hoping to get a picture of Wilson in a compromising position and I found this T-shirt.

(other products) (and here)

I like the slogan "I love ducks more than I love you," but I thought a more appropriate quote for Wilson would be "I love a duck more than I love you."  Anyway, I thought a cute ficlet idea would involve Wilson breaking up with House and conveying this message either by sending him this t-shirt or wearing it to their date.